frequently asked questions

Where will my session take place?

All of my sessions take place in and around your home and neighborhood. We typically spend time both in and outdoors. Not only does shooting in home bring an extra layer of ease and comfort to the process, but the photos naturally become part of your family’s history. Every detail is yours and documents life as it is, right now.

But my home is too dark / small / disorganized!?

Don’t worry! I have shot in an array of homes from high rise condos, studios, basement apartments, to sprawling estates. All have their bonuses and challenges.

Feel free to pick up, but there is no need to deep clean or go wild trying to organize. If you like my work, then please try to trust the process. All of the photos on my site were achieved this way and I love a well lived in home.

How do Your sessions run?

Family and Newborn Sessions:

Kids rule. I follow their lead, documenting all of their natural personality without the pressure or expectation for poses or timing. Parents, kiddos (and me!) should feel free and comfortable during our time together.

I begin shooting as soon as I arrive and often take my last shot on my way out the door. You will never need to worry if you're "doing it right" or if you "look okay" while working with me, because I can assure you that all you need to do is be yourselves and trust that we are making images that you will cherish. 

While I do encourage families to go about their typical schedule, it can be helpful to have a loved activity in mind too (reading a favorite book, bath time, playing a game, dance party, a walk in the yard, etc.).

I typically like to get a little funky at the end, depending on who's up for it. We could try some creative portraits or I might experiment with a new camera technique.

Couples & Seniors:

Please read the above! I treat all sessions similarly, so I’ll be reading your energy during our time together. I do offer some gentle direction, but I won’t pose you. I’ll send you a questionnaire ahead of time to get to know your interests and a little more about who you are. We’ll work together to make the types of genuine images you see on my site.


do you use props for newborns?

I focus on all that real, gorgeous, newborn perfection, and I personally feel like props distract from that. I am always happy to incorporate any heirlooms, like a special quilt, or stuffed animal, and I love a good swaddle or simple accessory. Other than that, newborn shoots run similarly to the typical family session, only I allot more time to give Baby lots of flexibility for feedings, naps and changing.

what should we wear?

Wear whatever you feel your best self in, while refraining from anything with large brand labels, characters, or big graphics.

Wear something you feel awesome in- shy away from anything fussy or anything you'll need to readjust. Please do not try and be matchy matchy with your family. Everyone’s personal style should be represented.