Surprise Engagement!

So, this happened! It’s officially wedding season and since this couple will be tying the knot soon, I thought it was a good time to share their story.

Jareed contacted me to shoot his proposal to Emily, but we weren’t so sure how we would swing it, since she’s a longtime family friend of mine. We knew that if she saw me being sneaky with my camera that she’d instantly know something was up (or just think I was super creepy, or both).

After a quick phone sesh we decided that I’d email Em asking her if she and Jareed would let me photograph them for my website. I wrote telling her how beautiful of a couple they were (aren’t they though?! That part was 💯). She agreed and we set a date. Easy Peasy.

When the day came, I was super nervous (I have a really hard time hiding things and my brain was doing it’s own thing- “I’m not going to be fast enough. I’m going to miss focus. Em’s gonna know I’m acting strange. I suck at this”). I was able to check myself before I wrecked myself when I realized that this moment wasn’t at all about me, and even if my worst fears came true, Em and Jareed would still be engaged and in love and it would all really be just fine.

After a short walk through Boston Commons, I handed Em a bag of rose petals (Jareed’s brilliant idea!) and asked him to take a few steps behind her. As I distracted Em with instructions on what to do, Jareed got down on one knee!

It was so cool to be a small part of this moment in time for them- another reason I love what I do…and YES he matched his shoes to the roses. 💥

I LOVE YOUR LOVE, EM & JAREED! Happy wedding season to you both!!! 💗