New Beginnings

I couldn’t have planned a better re-entrance after maternity leave than this one. Barely out of my own newborn haze, I was admittedly kind of nervous, but excited to get back to shooting and to see this new mama again, since we used to teach at the same school a while back.

Dad greeted me in their gorgeous & eclectic home with a style anyone could be envious of- to which he credited all to his stylish wife. Mom didn’t look anything like how I’d felt in that first week postpartum. She was all glowy and calm and grounded, a far cry from my own hot mess category. Then, there was Little Miss ‘H’, in all of her beautiful newness … Oh! and Bear. We can’t forget Bear, the cutest and most loving family dog.

In the end, my nerves settled, I connected with my camera again after a long hiatus, and I documented this new family in the way I would have wanted (I’m still regretting I didn’t book a newborn session for us!).

I shot from the heart. I’ll let the images tell the rest.

Thank you for your bravery in opening up your home to me at such a vulnerable time and trusting me to document your story. ✨

My first session as a working mom is in the books. Cheers to new beginnings.

| A sample of images from the 'A’ family's session- Now Blogged. |


Oh my gosh. Find someone that looks at you the way he looks at her. 💗





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Surprise Engagement!

So, this happened! It’s officially wedding season and since this couple will be tying the knot soon, I thought it was a good time to share their story.

Jareed contacted me to shoot his proposal to Emily, but we weren’t so sure how we would swing it, since she’s a longtime family friend of mine. We knew that if she saw me being sneaky with my camera that she’d instantly know something was up (or just think I was super creepy, or both).

After a quick phone sesh we decided that I’d email Em asking her if she and Jareed would let me photograph them for my website. I wrote telling her how beautiful of a couple they were (aren’t they though?! That part was 💯). She agreed and we set a date. Easy Peasy.

When the day came, I was super nervous (I have a really hard time hiding things and my brain was doing it’s own thing- “I’m not going to be fast enough. I’m going to miss focus. Em’s gonna know I’m acting strange. I suck at this”). I was able to check myself before I wrecked myself when I realized that this moment wasn’t at all about me, and even if my worst fears came true, Em and Jareed would still be engaged and in love and it would all really be just fine.

After a short walk through Boston Commons, I handed Em a bag of rose petals (Jareed’s brilliant idea!) and asked him to take a few steps behind her. As I distracted Em with instructions on what to do, Jareed got down on one knee!

It was so cool to be a small part of this moment in time for them- another reason I love what I do…and YES he matched his shoes to the roses. 💥

I LOVE YOUR LOVE, EM & JAREED! Happy wedding season to you both!!! 💗


There's a New Girl in Town

It's been a gift to share the journey to mom-hood with one of my longest and bestest friends. I remember when our babies were just ideas- Happy hour discussions involving things that might happen in the future. After many more chats and over many more beers, we made the choice to start the process of growing our families at the same time, which, when you each have a wife, can be complicated (but that's for another blog post entirely). Fast forward and her sweet baby girl is here, and mine is due to make her arrival in January. It feels like a long time has passed since our conversations, but really I know this is only the beginning, and I'm excited, nervous, and insert-all-of-the-feelings for whatever's up next.

Jess and Kayla have officially joined our little crew of badass mothers- so many of our closest friends who rock at being moms and everything else they do. I'm doing my best to learn from them all before it's my turn.

Saoirse (“Seer-sha”) Kathleen Nassar made her debut on July 26th and she is nothing short of perfection. But don't take it from me, see for yourself.

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It's Been Real, Somerville.

To commemorate their formative years in Somerville, this family invited me along on a familiar stroll around their beloved neighborhood. I've been taking this walk with them annually for four years, and we've created a visual history together as they became a family of three, and then four. They've since given up city living for something a bit different, but there's no doubt they'll bring some of their Somerville swagger over to Wisconsin.

Repeat clients turned friends- You were an honor to work with. Thank you for your years of support and encouragement as I grew my business. Best of luck on your new chapter!

I'll miss you, K-P Family! 

A peek into the K-P Family's most recent collection- Now blogged. |

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A Good Recipe...

I still get nervous before every session, that's one reason I know I'm doing something right. I love a good challenge, and engagement shoots can be some of my biggest. Unlike a family session, with kiddos running around, stealing the show, reminding us that inhibitions are for the birds, an engagement session is intimate, sometimes intimidating and often overshadowed by perfect pinterest expectations.

It's the greatest compliment to be told that I helped ease someone's discomfort in front of the camera, or hear that the couple actually had fun shooting with me. I'm really proud of how this couple and I worked together because I think we have a pretty solid gallery to prove that a little bit of nerves and a lot a bit of love is a recipe for some authentic looking pictures.

| A sample of images from 'D & M's' session- Now blogged. |

A New Addition.

There's something awesome about filming your friends, especially when it's to celebrate a brand new addition to their family. I get to spend time with people I love, doing what I'm passionate about.

This family has always inspired me with their kindness and generosity. As my wife and I's longtime neighbors, they showed us time and time again what true community meant. When they welcomed their first son, they amazed us with their immediate comfort in their new roles as parents, all the while remaining present as our friends, in their social circles, at their jobs (in due time) and in their own interests, like Amy's garlicky delicious cooking and Myk's love of broomball. From our perspective, it seems like the welcoming of their second boy has followed suit. This is a family everyone wants to be a part of, and the kind of parents we all hope to be. Thanks for inviting my camera into your home again, and here's  one more giant and warm welcome to beautiful baby 'F'.

| A sample of images from the 'C' family's session- Now Blogged. |


All that is Good...

I love my job. Regardless of what's happening in the world, I have opportunities to enter into spaces filled with joy and love - and there's nothing quite like getting to document the beginning of someone's story. 

Baby M, I hope when you're older you'll look at these photos and recognize the pure happiness and pride you've gifted your little family. <3

|A sample of images from Baby M's session- Now Blogged.|

Becoming the 'T' Family.

This intimate ceremony on the beach was a beautiful gesture to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter for everyone involved. The couple's vows were touching, but it was the words shared between the groom and little 'J' that had me holding back tears (I always cry behind the lens at weddings! I'm a feeler).

I was brought up in a mixed family and was lucky enough to learn early on that family is not equal to a bloodline. I love deeper and bigger because of it. 

With mama expecting a new arrival soon, this family has so much to look forward to and even more to celebrate. Here's a peek in to one of the purest celebrations of love that I have had the pleasure of documenting.

Congratulations, 'T' Family!

|A sample of images from The 'T' Family's session- Now Blogged.|

Welcoming Baby W

There's little that I love more than the opportunity to document new life. Home can be a vulnerable place to invite a camera so soon after the addition of a tiny human, especially when it's your first. 

Mom answered the door on this sunny Sunday morning in a dark blue maxi dress, looking fresh, barefoot, and glowing.  "I'm sorry about the mess," she said, "I tried!" I told her not to worry, but what I should have said was, "Thank you." Their home was not messy by any standard, it was lived in, the perfect backdrop to support what I was there to do: Tell their story. 

|A sample of images from Baby W's session- Now Blogged.|